I love Rooney Mara. I am always up for seeing anything she’s in. A while back I reviewed the movie that really got her noticed, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which I absolutely loved. This film is one of those odd indie, sexy, high school movies where all of the girls are in boarding school and they end up in a lot of trouble. It centers around Mara’s character Fernanda, who attends an all girl boarding school run by (the best movie couple ever) Chris Kattan and Amy Sedaris. Basically, Fern and her friends (one of which being Brie Larson who I also love) are just minding their own business when a crazy British girl moves in and stirs up trouble. There is an affair with an older man, some pot smoking, a student-teacher seduction thing, some lesbians, and pretty much all of the other high school movie basics. This is by no means a moving or meaningful film, but it’s enjoyable, and I really did like it! If your in the mood for a Cruel Intentions-esque movie, then this is for you.

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