This is one of those wonderful gems that I stumbled upon on accident. I was perusing my Netflix queue (as all moody teenagers do), and I saw this. I was immediately intrigued because it was directed by Sofia Coppola, who is phenomenal. I was looking for an angsty, dark, teenage movie and this was perfect. Set in the 1970’s, it is the story of the suicides of five sisters and their friendship with a group of boys who lived in their neighborhood. Surprisingly, the movie is not as dark as it may seem. It’s full of ┬áthose ethereal moments that are just perfect and depressing and real. You angsty folks know exactly what I’m talking about. Watch this movie, seriously. Strange Magic plays at their Under the Sea dance. Come on. You know you want to.

Cecilia Lisbon, the youngest sister, perched dreamily in her tree.

Yes that cross is a symbol. Embrace it.

Yes, that’s JJ from Criminal Minds. She’s awesome in this too.

Waking up in a football field never looked so cool. This is one of the best scenes in the film.

Smoking away her teenage angst on her roof.

Cue “Strange Magic”

Thank you ELO.

xoxo. Miranda

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