Moving sucks and it’s stressful and it makes you want to cry (#amilaughingorcrying), throw up, and scream with excitement (excitement or frustration?) all at once. Moving from apartment to apartment as a lowly undergrad is just the beginning of the moving saga called your adult life. So, you call the troops in (your mom and brothers) and hope they don’t find anything they shouldn’t. Here are some obvious tips that are easily overlooked in the rush of moving—straight from the lady who has moved 4 times in 4 months.


Again, an obvious thing we procrastinators tend to overlook. If you’re more of a Miranda than a Lara and usually throw all of your seemingly useless things away (like old boxes your books were shipped in), you can buy any sized box at the Home Depot for a very underwhelming price. Your shit needs somewhere to sit.

Alike With Alike

When packing your aforementioned boxes, its best to pack alike things with each other. Obviously, you want to put all your kitchen stuff in boxes with kitchen things, not your hair brush. But when there are 3 people who don’t live with you and don’t know your life things can get complicated. “You can’t sit with us!” – Your shit. That’s where labelling comes in.


Labels are a must. You want to be able to glance at closed boxes and know where to take them. This will also keep you from running back and forth between the living room, your car, and your room looking frantically for your straightening iron. Label that shit.


It’s easy to drop all of the boxes in on common open area but trust me, this is inefficient and frustrating once you start unpacking. Rather than loving and leaving, try putting those nicely labeled boxes in the rooms they belong to. Organize your shit.


Shee-it. The worst of the moving life. It’s easy to get bogged down in all of the things, but make a to-do list to feel like the tasks are more doable. Not to mention to satisfaction you feel when striking an item off the list. Also, unpack ASAP. I am a known procrastinator and if you unpack slowly, it is more likely you will be living out of boxes for longer. Rip the band-aid off and do it. It also helps if you can keep your goal of a wonderful semi-adult apartment in mind. Get that shit over with.

Moving isn’t all that bad (I’m a damn liar) but keep your head up and think of it as a new start. When I’m unpacking/packing I take it as an opportunity to remember and clean out. Throw away old flyers you took out of pity and take time to look at old pictures and linger on the memories. Now, if I could remember to use these tips myself, back to unpacking and trying to organize my ridiculous closet!


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