Hey baes,

So fall is in full swing, and I’ve decided to partner up with Warby Parker to share some of my favorite things to do in the fall. I’ve always loved Warby Parker’s framesand sunglasses, so I am using this as an excuse to test out their Home Try-On program. They’re not paying me to praise them but I lowkey am obsessed. So thanks WP! 

Here are some shameless selfies.

The Crossfield in Polished Gold
The Piper in Jet Black
The Winston in Antique Shale Fade
The Reilly in Marzipan Tortoise
The Piper in Woodland Tortoise

I loved all of them so much. My faves were the Winston frames and the Reilly sunnies.

Fall is such a bae time of year. The changing leaves, intake of all things pumpkin, and the shedding of your summer glow just make things generally feel super different and great. When I think of fall I think of all of those old Ralph Lauren campaigns with the mahogany and burgundy rooms and equestrian gear and all of the “this is my luxury escape home in the hills of New England” vibes.

My favorite thing to do during fall is just reassess what I’m doing and my life goals and my current Netflix queue and try to enjoy the beautiful weather. Here’s my October #FallSyllabus.


Have an amazing month!

xo Miranda

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