I’m enjoying these list posts lately so why not. Disclaimer: I watch too many TV shows but I blame Netflix. Here are my top ten all time favorite TV shows!


I had a bit of a love affair with Lost. As you’ll see throughout this post, I have a bad habit of not watching TV shows live and then discovering them on Netflix and watching the entire series in a few months. This is what happened with this show. Basically, I saw the first episode of the final season, and I thought “hey this looks like a good show!” so I turned to Netflix and I watched 6 seasons of lost in one summer. ONE SUMMER. That’s a problem. It was so worth it.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE: suspense, shows with a lot of characters, a little Sci-Fi, convoluted plot lines.

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Ben Linus, Hurley, Charlie, Sawyer


Same thing happened to me with Weeds. I think I watched one episode somewhere and I thought “well I might as well watch it all”. So I did. I watched all 5 million seasons of Weeds in what was probably a really short period of time. Maybe 8 months. I don’t know. I don’t do a lot with my life.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE:  Stoner humor, the world of marijuana, absurd situations, really fucked up families.

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Andy Botwin, Silas Botwin


American Horror Story is one of the few shows I actually watched live. This show is incredible. It is scary, but there are moments that lean more toward twisted and creepy than horror which I love. The characters and the acting on this show are incredible.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE: Creepy shit, really fucked up families, sadomasochism (kidding but not really), likable antagonists.



I just recently started watching this show and I’m hooked. The show follows unknowing fairy tale characters who were thrown into our world by an evil curse. Only a few people know the truth, and some wish to keep it secret while others are trying to expose it. It’s really great stuff actually.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE: Fairytales, lots of characters, mysteries, magic, evil villains, oh and Prince Charming (swoon).

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Mary Margaret Blanchard, Prince Charming, Rumplestiltskin


This was my favorite show in high school. I watched every episode, every mini webisode, read every theory; I was addicted. I am still bitter about the fact that they ended the show on a cliffhanger and never wrapped it up. So bitter. Anyway, this show follows a large group of individuals with extraordinary superpowers whose lives slowly become intertwined.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE: Superhero stories, lots of characters, action, suspense, comic books.

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Claire Bennett, Hiro Nakamura, Peter Petrelli


This is one of the only comedies I watch on TV. The show is about three losers who work for a telemarketing company and find themselves in ridiculous situations. They are all incredibly likable which really adds to the humor of the show I think. I don’t know, whenever I watch this show, I crack up.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE: Inappropriate humor, stoner humor, watching idiots do dumb shit, underdog protagonists.



Sherlock is a modernized take on the Sherlock Holmes stories. Unlike the Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law movies, the show is a lot more thinking and a bit less sex and action. Personally, I think that really suits the show, because it helps you to really get wrapped up in the mystery. The dialogue is also brilliantly written.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE: mysteries, Sherlock Holmes, British folk, suspense, sarcastic assholes.

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Um, I guess Sherlock and Watson?


Alright everyone always made fun of me in high school math because we always watched this show on days when we had a sub and I was always so excited because I freaking love this show. The show follows two brothers, one a mathematician and the other a cop, as they solve crimes in LA using math. Yeah it sounds really nerdy but I swear it’s amazing. The characters are amazing and the crimes are actually really cool compared to shows like Law and Order.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE: crime TV, smart humor, game theory, shows that have a non-cheesy moral at the end, complex character relationships.

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Charlie, Amita, Larry

9. ODDities

Something about me just loves the weird and creepy. This show a reality show about the owners of a strange shop full of weird and creepy old things. Each episode showcases a few customers and the shopkeepers’ hunts for the perfect items to meet their needs. It’s so good.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE: reality TV, weird and creepy shit, eccentric people, antique-type shows, all things macabre.



Yeah again with the creepy shows. I swear I’m not some creepy weirdo or anything. Creepy seems to be the only word I can think of to describe anything today. Yeah this show is weird but in the best way. Each episode is just a different story about people who come into contact with something very strange and out of the ordinary. Some episodes are lame but some of them are just too good.

WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE: black and white, old things, creepy situations, somewhat corny theme songs.

FAVORITE EPISODES: Number Twelve Looks Just Like You, The Bewitchin Pool, The Midnight Sun, Twenty-Two, The Hitch-hiker

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