I used to write pieces like this all the time – sharing my current favorite things and the writings, music, and art that are inspiring me lately. I thought I’d bring it back and write up a little list of things that will go really well with a side of October. Fall is finally and truly with us: we just celebrated the fall equinox last week, PSLs are in full swing, and the falling leaves have begun to grace the sidewalks. For me, October is the best month of the whole damn year. October is being comfortable – the weather finally releases it’s sweltering grip, and allows us to get cozy physically and mentally. The world looks and feels a little clearer, there’s healing energy in the air and also energy which brings change (my best friend and I call that: “weird changey feeling”).

I think back to my past a lot in the fall – the songs and albums I was listening to this time the year before, and the year before that. However, I also like to embrace new things during this season. It’s the best time to start a new show, career, class, or relationship. Your mind is open to new things but it’s also feeling comfortable enough to allow you to open up and embrace those things. October brings Halloween spookiness with it – I break out all of my favorite fall movies: It, Guillermo del Toro’s The Orphanage, Beetlejuice, The Goonies, and It Follows are on the roster this year, as well as my not-so-spooky favorite, Halloweentown. It’s the season for activities and small trips – this year I’ll be making a pilgrimage to both Sleepy Hollow & Salem, so stay tuned for my report on those. Try to get away for a weekend to visit a historic site, museum, concert, pumpkin patch, apple orchard, or even just a new coffee shop. October is the best month on the East Coast – so if you’re here, embrace the hell out of that. Bust out your trusty scarf or jacket and get outside. Go to a thrift shop. Take up a new hobby. Get back into the hobby you forgot about. Play a record on vinyl. Get in touch with your inner self/goddess/god. Read about mythology and ancient history. Read about current history, and god damn it go register to vote.

October makes our world beautiful, blustery, and electric. Here are some things that I think will complement your October well. Miranda endorsed.


I already created a list of the twelve songs you should listen to this fall, but I thought I’d add in a few more.


Some things I think you’d enjoy reading this month.


  • The H&M Fall Collection ad is one of the most inclusive & beautiful commercials I’ve seen. Into it.
  • Friday Night Lights. Truly one of the greatest shows on television. I finally finished the series and it was great from start to finish. It’s more than football and it will give you serious hometown fall feels. Highly recommend.
  • Stranger Things. I don’t think I even need to mention this because I’m sure by now you’ve seen it. If you haven’t – do that immediately.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race. Okay please don’t come for me I am years late to this but I am watching it and it’s already changed my life in so many ways.
  • Snowden. An interesting look at Edward Snowden’s life and the making of the documentary that brought his actions to the forefront of media attention. Plus, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it so, I mean.
  • One of my all-time favorite posts from Buzzfeed, 129 of the Most Beautiful Shots In Cinematic History. This will get you inspired and feeling grateful for the amazingly intricate field of cinematography.



  • subwayhands – The Instagram account I didn’t know I needed. This one was introduced to me by good pal Maggie (maybe you saw her in the most recent vlog). Basically it’s just photos of peoples’ hands as seen on the subway but it is surreal, beautiful, and plays with my love for hands which James of Bleubird so conveniently chronicled here.)
  • calligraphy.ig – An incredibly satisfying account introduced to me by another pal, Kate (who you definitely saw in the most recent vlog). Soothing, satisfying, perfect.
  • gelcream – Run by Russian beauty queen Yanash, the account is simple: she’s just holding beauty products and looking nice, but it’s so aesthetically pleasing I could spend all day scrolling through.

Have a great October & remember to share anything interesting you’re enjoying this month in the comments! I might take your suggestions into the November links round-up.

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