I’ve got a bone to pick with the fashion industry. A major one.

Why on EARTH are plus-size models typically a size 6-8, when plus-size clothes are around size 12?

I know this topic has been around for awhile, but a few things have brought it to mind lately:

– My mom and I realizing that we have a strange life parallel – she was infuriated when Twiggy got popular, because girls her age no longer wanted the curvy, Marilyn-esque body, and I’m enraged every time I see Kate Moss, because she made being stick-thin cool again after 80s and 90s models embraced athletic, healthy bodies. Also, Moss is famous for once declaring, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Oh, okay.

The two stick-thin anti-Christs together in one obnoxious photo.
The two stick-thin anti-Christs together in one obnoxious photo.

– My roommate, Kristyn, seeing on Facebook that someone didn’t realize that plus-size models aren’t actually plus-size.

– The amount of thinspo posts on Pinterest and Tumblr, rather than posts encouraging total body-love.

All very important standards, obviously.
All very important standards, obviously.

– And, finally, the newly popular Aussie plus-size model Robyn Lawley, who was criticized for not having a stupid, ridiculous, nearly unachievable thigh-gap.

You tell me: is this the face of "fat"?
You tell me: is this the face of “fat”?

Stop. Stop. STOP!

Alright, I’m gonna stop typing now. Instead, for your viewing pleasure – and disgust – photos of plus-size models, and photos of actual plus-size girls. Both are so beautiful, so why not have size 12+ models for plus-size fashion, and size 0-10 for regular? Or, even better, how about we get rid of the term “plus-size” and have models of all sizes in every fashion show, shoot, and ad campaign?

Size 12+ (Real plus-size):

Jennie Runk for H&M. How refreshing!

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“Plus-Size” models:

Crystal Renn has been every size on the map, but even at a size 8 or 10 was considered “plus-size”.
How HOT is Kate Upton? Too bad hundreds of sources constantly slap her images with the word “fat”.


dove group
Horrible realization: none of the girls in the Dove ads are ACTUALLY plus-size.


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