As you all have probably noticed, Miranda and I are starting to brainstorm new ideas for HVB. She and I have always been total product junkies, but I think my internship with the Marie Claire beauty department has totally gotten us chatting about beauty more – and ultimately fangirl-ing about our favorite brands and products more than ever before.

So, I’m kicking off my revamped posts with a bang: by discussing a product I’ve always been intrigued by, that I finally got to try today.


No, it’s not a weird torture device. It’s Temptu’s Airbrush System, and, let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. Basically, it’s used with primer, foundation, blush, powder, bronzer, highlighter, concealer, and body AIRpods that easily click into place at the front of the nozzle.


I actually couldn’t believe that I let the other interns use me as the Temptu guinea pig. After pulling back a tight ponytail, wrapping myself in an old sweatshirt, and preparing for what I thought was the inevitable – a thick, skin-toned cake on my face – I sat back and let Arielle get spraying.

Pardon my face – can you tell I was uncomfortable?!

While the foundation process did make me expect the worse (the air on my face felt cold and heavy), after the system was turned off, the makeup felt and looked light as, well, air. The only teensy issue was that the foundation focused on the peach fuzz on my face a little – nothing a quick swipe with a stippling brush can’t fix!

The blush was a little more difficult to maneuver; I would recommend practicing with it a few times before wearing it for a night out. You really have to get a handle on the shape you want the blush to make on your cheeks, especially since you sometimes can’t tell where exactly the product is going. It is air, after all! After a few awkward sprays waaaay too close to my eyes, Arielle and I finally mastered the blush.

The highlighter was my favorite part, and definitely the easiest. It was so sheer coming out of the nozzle that we thought the system was broken! But once on the face, it really finished the look off beautifully: I looked totally dewy and contoured.


Looking at this picture now, I wish I had blended the foundation into my hairline more. Besides that, my only issue with the product is the price tag. The starter kit is about $200 and new AIRpods are about $50, enough to make most women stick to their manually-applied makeup.

I can’t think of a better gift to give, though. Flawless skin in a few simple sprays? Yes, please!

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Kate Foster

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