My friend Kip and I recently decided that our hairs needed a change. After a long existential debate, I decided on a black dye and he decided to be bold and go for purple. Thanks to oVertone (which Kate reviewed and gave detailed usage instructions for here), I had some blue color-depositing conditioner sitting around itching to be used, and Kip had hair that needed a good old fashioned dye job. We took a few photos and oVertone’s Pastel Blue conditioners left him with a vibrant pastel purple shade. I’m not going to use too many details in this post, since Kate pretty much covered the basics, but here are some photos of the process. If you have any questions, leave a comment or check out Kate’s post!

IMG_8283 IMG_8288 IMG_8293IMG_8294kip

Have you ever wanted to go purple?

xo Miranda

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