As I mentioned here, December is the month during which the most couples split. And, damn, do I hate being a statistic. You know, along with all my other 10,000 confusing emotions. From sadness to anger to frustration, trying to fuse all your heart’s bits and pieces back together is straight-up exhausting.

I’ve been through breakups before, but never one this serious. And, oddly, I’ve found a slightly cheese way of coping this time around: trolling the interwebz for quotes to remind me how badass I am and the kind of relationship I deserve. Not only is this a distraction from my standard ways of coping (i.e. playing sappy love songs on repeat in an attempt to cry it all out, which, in fact, only makes things FIFTY TIMES WORSE), but it also reminds me to keep my chin up and remember that this happened for a reason.

So, without further ado, some of my favorite Pinterest-y quotes. Pop back over here anytime you’re feeling a little weak – you know I will be too.

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And, of course, in honor of a fresh new start beginning in only 15 days:

7010e6a3d4b8154c19a6e450e1fc043bLook at these before you go to sleep, so your brain soaks all that empowerment in. Make one of them your phone background. Most of all, never forget that it will get better, and you are your own greatest strength.



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