Hey everyone! In honor of the recent weather we’ve been seeing in Athens lately, I thought I’d give you all a bit of rainy day outfit inspiration. This post includes womenswear and menswear, yay! You can click through any of the outfits and be redirected to Polyvore, where you can find links to buy these exact items!

Mens/Womens: Black, White, and Neon

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Always a classic combo; the neon can obviously be adapted to any shade you choose. This outfit was intended to be menswear, but honestly I’d wear this too so we can go with both on this! Nothing is more comfortable on a rainy day than a pair of sweats, and the backpack and shoes are all good *mostly* waterproof options.

Womens: Neutral Floral

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The Brits inspired this outfit. If you want to lighten things up on a rainy day, pair a pair of light pants with a black shirt and black rain boots. Add a beanie if you’re just working with a light drizzle, and this floral tote is totally waterproof which is awesome. This is a great city outfit: anonymous but still fun (my weird definition of city style, haha).

Menswear: Urban Cool

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This awesome raincoat inspired the rest of the outfit. I love the idea of mixing neutrals in menswear, but throwing in subtle pops of color. The socks and the zips on the jacket brighten this outfit up, and I think it’s perfect for an ATLien (or any stylish dude).

Womenswear: Woodland Chic

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I’m laughing at the name I just gave this. You get the idea. This outfit is for the more casual, woodsy girl. There’s no way that I can say this correctly, haha. I love this military green raincoat, and the addition of the Timberland boots adds a more campy vibe. This outfit would be perfect for a rainy hike. Is that something that people do? Oh boy. I also love the subtle femininity of the frilly socks. Obviously you can omit those if you choose, but they add a cute touch.

Womenswear: Effortless Class

rainy day 2

This is my favorite out of all of the outfits so far. I love the denim dress. Wear that under that cardigan with the sleeves rolled up and you will look effortlessly classy. I love the idea of wearing this with tights and short rainboots, but you can also sub in leggings if you choose. The purse is adorable as well, love me some Kate Spade. One day…

Menswear: Southern Gentleman

rainy days 7

This outfit puts a little spin on the “fraternity style” I see so unfortunately often here in the south. Keep the shoes and the khakis, but opt for a flannel or a beanie instead of your t-shirt and baseball cap for a classier look. Also, these bomber jackets are really cool and available most everywhere, plus they’re usually water resistant!

Womenswear: Cozy and Cool

rainy day 1

This outfit is a little more put together, but very casual at the same time. This would be a great weekend outfit! I love that shirt! It looks so comfy.

Hope you guys enjoyed some of these ideas! Let me know what you all wear on rainy days! Instagram your rainy day outfits to us using the hashtag #HVoutfit and our account @highvoltagetv!

xo Miranda

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