Reality TV is one of those things that I never bring up in conversation. Namely, because it is always on in my house and I know way too much about it. I once got into a heated argument regarding why I defend June Bug’s parenting techniques because she cares so much about her children. If you don’t know who June Bug is, you should keep it that way and vow to never dip your toes into the world of Alana and her glittery pigs. If there is a reality show out there, I’ve probably watched it at least once. I don’t really get into the spoiled rich women shows like the Real Housewives and all of that, but it’s the weird ones that really grab my attention. Now, on the recommendation of Estee, I got briefly addicted to the show Breaking Amish. If you don’t know what it is, basically it followed the lives of young Amish and Mennonite teens who chose to leave their families and move to NYC to experience life outside of their rural lifestyles. This means that they were shunned and not allowed to return home, but it also meant Amish teens being flooded with things they’d never heard of or seen. It was basically one huge culture shock. I was getting real into the show when I decided to tweet about my enjoyment of one of it’s characters and that’s when someone informed me that the entire show was fake.

breaking amish

Needless to say, I was pissed. I was spending my time becoming personally invested in Abe and whatever the other dude’s name was and they basically just lied to me about everything. This is pretty much when I realized that this was a bit of a problem and it was probably for the best that I emotionally boycotted the show. Another show that I used to watch when there was nothing on is Storage Wars. Something about watching  fat rednecks buy big storage units full of shit and then find some antique worth a ton of money is satisfying for obvious reasons.

Anyway, that show’s fake too. They plant all of the “great finds” in the lockers before the show and basically just return them to the real owners, the “specialists”, at the end of the episode. COOL DARREL I WAS BEGINNING TO LIKE YOU.


The point of all of this is, reality TV is not anywhere near reality. If you are personally invested in the lives of people on a reality TV show, then you have fallen into TLC’s loving arms (pun intended) and given them exactly what they want.

Has anyone else had a rotten experience with reality TV shows? There are some good ones out there, but you never really know what’s real which irks me to no end. I’m still pitching the reality TV show of my life to MTV and hopefully they’ll pick it up soon but until then, I’ll be watching people say yes to the dress and auf wiedersehen and amazing race their way to mucho dinero. I guess that’s all we can ask for from people who get paid to let cameras follow them and their kids around all day.

xo Miranda.

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