Only a month ago, my hair was pink, thanks to a little hack I learned involving Davine’s Alchemic Red Conditioner. It faded, returned to a bright platinum…. and now? Well, see below.


Bright. Effing. Red. And like my pink, it took about ten minutes and involved zero damage. Plus, I also had the option to go orange, purple, pink, blue, or teal, in pastel, vibrant, and extreme variations. Now, run, don’t walk to oVertone’s website to pick up a color depositing conditioner set for only $42-$45.


So, here’s how I did it (after already being platinum – your hair should be at least a medium blonde to use this product!):

1. I slathered on the Go Deep Weekly Treatment to apply the color and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

2. Once I got out of the shower, I noticed I had missed some spots, so I applied it another two times until my whole head was entirely red.


That’s… it? Gorgeous, vibrant color that actually made my hair feel softer! But the line is built for color upkeep as long as you want it, so there are a few maintenance steps I have to follow each time I hop in the shower:

1. I shampoo my hair as usual.

2. I applied the Daily Conditioner and let it sit for about five minutes, focusing on areas where color has faded most. Having a mirror in the shower helps a lot with this step.

3. If I ever travel, I can bring along the handy mini bottle of Daily Conditioner included in the set so I’m never stuck in a faded color jam.

Guys, we live in the future, am I right? This stuff is incredible. Best of all, oVertone makes a Daily Conditioner Sample Trio for $24, so if you’re not positive which color you wanna try, you can pick out three to test out.


Would you ever try this stuff? Better question: How could you resist?!


Published by

Kate Foster

NYC-based writer. Beauty Assistant at Seventeen Magazine.