Every spring, I get in this weird mood called I just want to listen to folk music and live in the mountains. Living in Athens has made me a little more sympathetic to southern culture than I ever was back in Johns Creek. I’m not talking about shitty southern culture like cowboy boots and Jason Aldean, but like real Appalachian mountains, sitting in the sun, southern hospitality kind of thing. I don’t know I just watched Winter’s Bone for my film class and I’m feeling like running off into the wild. After I saw The Hunger Games the same thing happened to me. I want to go run around the woods and eat berries guys. I’ve always secretly wanted to be in a position where I had to live off the land and hang my laundry to dry outside and catch my dinner. For like a month maybe. Something about the mountain culture has always fascinated me. It’s terrifying to see the poverty and danger that strikes a lot of mountain communities, but it has kind of a stark beauty.

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appal cabin cabin2

I made this playlist to try and capture this feeling, I kind of enjoy recording all of my moods in song form. Also, sorry if there are typos in this post, I’m writing with a broken index finger…

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