In my opinion, menswear doesn’t get enough attention in the fashion blogging world. I actually love menswear (sometimes more than womenswear), so I thought I’d talk in the next few days about some menswear trends for spring, and how you can adapt them to your own awesome stylish sensibilities. I’ve included a few variations with each trend depending on how much of a style risk taker you are. This post will be focusing on one of my favorites, floral.




You DO NOT have to be a girl to wear floral. In fact, some of the best spring/summer menswear often features floral and hawaiian prints. If you’re a risk taker, an all-over, colorful print is the one for you. Try it on a short-sleeve button down shirt or sneakers, and if you’re feeling especially risky, you can even mix and match florals.

mens floral

If you still want to incorporate floral into your wardrobe, but are a little afraid to go for an all-over rainbow floral printed button down, try some of these more neutral options. You can find awesome florals in more neutral colors, and even in black and white. If you still want some color, but not as much, try a floral watch or snapback. You’ll still get the style benefits of wearing floral without the boldness of an all over print.

mens floral 2

If you’re still a little hesitant, you can just go for a piece with a small floral detail, such as a patch or a pocket. Check out some of these options. You can even go with one floral accessory like sunglasses or a wallet.

mens floral 3

Men! Do not be afraid of floral!
xo Miranda

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