Hello everyone!

Alright so there are a few new changes to the site, and I thought I’d just update you about them real quick.

The first one is that all of my Ear Candy posts, that is, my monthly music playlists, are now available to listen to on 8tracks. Each playlist has also been embedded within it’s original post, so by clicking on any post, you can also listen to the playlist from directly within the post!

See the archive of all Ear Candy posts here.

The second change is over here on the sidebar–>

As you can see, now I have links to all of my social media sites! You can click these, and each site will open in a new tab on your browser!

Along with my social networking links, you can now see a list of blogs I read! These all link directly to the sites, which will open in a new tab on your browser as well!

The final change, is that I’ve added a “Fashion” tab to the top of the site. You can now scroll through all of my posts relating to fashion, which are few, but I have a few more fashion posts planned out so stay tuned for those!

Enjoy your weekend!

xo Miranda

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Miranda Feneberger

Miranda Feneberger

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