Now that fall is in full swing and Halloween is quickly approaching, we can all appreciate a little American Horror Story, amirite? No? Well, if you can’t handle the twisted and sadistic whirlwind that is FX’s American Horror Story, you can at least enjoy some fashion ideas!

I’m creating three storyboards, one for each season, because these are the kinds of things I do in my free time. Enjoy it. *insert scary muahahah here*

Season 1: American Horror Story


Filled to the brim with ghosts, a haunted house, creepy next door neighbors, rubber sex suits, and plenty of ghoulish and gory basement shenanigans, season one was all about which side you’re on. Whether that be life, death, good, evil, in or outside the house, it was all about blurred lines (no pun intended).

Violet Harmon American Horror Story
Constance Langdon American Horror Story
Tate Langdon American Horror Story
Moira O'Hara American Horror Story

Season 2: American Horror Story: Asylum


Cue creepy music, corrupt religious figures, mental patients, scientific experimentation, a killer of women, demonic possession, alien encounters, and Nazi war criminals. Sounds like a party right? Ain’t no party like an AHS party because at an AHS party you’ll probably be murdered, tortured, possessed, or blackmailed!

Lana Winters American Horror Story
Oliver Threadson American Horror Story
Sister Jude American Horror Story
Kit Walker American Horror Story

Season 3: American Horror Story: Coven


We are one episode deep into AHS season three and I’m already so excited for what’s in store. So far we have witches, voodoo queens, telekinesis, potential zombies, actual zombies, and a sadistic slave torturer. It’s all about dark vs. light in this season, and the power of women against men. That’s what I’ve picked up on so far at least. I’m getting the hint that there will be some people burned at the stake in coming episodes. Who’s pumped?

Fiona Goode American Horror Story
Zoe Benson American Horror Story
Marie Laveau American Horror Story
Madison Montgomery American Horror Story

I hope you enjoyed this little American Horror Story style post. I am in love with this show for sure, and I’m so excited to see where this season goes. So far it’s a lot of black (in a few ways. inappropriate pun? maybe).

PS idk why there are ads here sometimes, sorry bout that.

xo Miranda

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