This series is so up my alley (Diagon Alley, that is) that I am a little disappointed with myself that I haven’t already written it. Nevertheless, here it is, he long-overdue style series of my dreams. Allow me to teach you the ins and outs of fashion in the wizarding world, complete with appearances made by all of your favorite female Harry Potter characters (human and non). First up, Hermione Granger. 


What would this series be if I didn’t start off with everyone’s favorite brainiac heroine. Hermione’s style definitely evolved throughout the films, but she’s been a proper embodiment of English class and style for a while. She dresses more simply than many of the other characters, wearing a lot of chunky knits and classic pieces. She tends to stick with neutral pieces, saving colors for more fancy occasions, think the Yule Ball or Bill and Fleur’s wedding. I love her simplicity when it comes to clothing, and her ability to pull off all sweaters ever. Most of her pieces are well tailored and fitted. We rarely see Hermione in anything oversized, and most of her wardrobe exists in the realm of earth tones. She dresses practically and modestly as well, not wearing anything that wouldn’t be sturdy enough for an adventure. Even though she dresses in dark colors and chunky knits, she has a very feminine grace. Her clothes are always well fitting and classy. She doesn’t show a lot of skin, but she is very feminine in her hairstyles and fits.

Hermione 1


Hermione 2


Hermione 3


I hope you guys enjoyed the first post of my Harry Potter style series! Who do you want to see next?

xo Miranda

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