One thing that doesn’t grace the pages of High Voltage very frequently is menswear. I was talking to a couple of my guy friends last night about all of the men that I think have impeccable style (or stylists) and that inspired me.

I know so many guys who have great style, and clothing is a great way to convey a little bit about yourself to people you might not know. I’ve compiled some looks/pieces that can work for all guys, and catered them towards a few little sub-categories. Boys, express yo-selves. Men’s fashion is making an appearance in the everyday world now more than ever so you should embrace this opportunity to jump on board and put a little thought into what you put on in the morning! Here are some of my thoughts on menswear, but of course, style isn’t complete without a little variation and personality.



One good place to look for inspiration for this type of style is Gossip Girl. I know, I know, but just do a nice little Google search of Dan Humphrey or Nate Archibald and you’ll be ready to go. A good varsity style jacket will go a long way for you. Now if you’re already an athletic/sporty person, you probably already own one, great! If you don’t, a bajillion stores have come out with a bajillion varieties of this style. If you’re more classic, go for the plain felt, if you’re feeling a little edgier, maybe opt for a leather option. Also something to consider: depending on where you live, get one that is a suitable warmness-level for your climate. See, fashion is so practical.

Mens- Athletic 1

The next thing I’m sure you already wear are sneakers. The easiest way to update your look would be to get a new pair. I get that you probably need your athletic shoes for actually doing sports, but if you’re looking to revamp your style, a new pair of kicks will never hurt. A wise man once told me that shoes are the windows to the soul. If your shoes look good, you’re probably a respectable/intelligent person (usually 99% true).

Mens- Sport2

The last thing that is pretty important for a good collegiate/sporty look is a good pair of pants. I wouldn’t suggest jeans, and I know a lot of guys aren’t about colored pants, but I think a good dark green/burgundy looks good on everyone. (Think about the bold pack of markers, those colors). Also skinny never hurts. If you’re afraid of skinny, go for a classic straight leg.

Mens Sport 3



Your style inspirations for this look should be classy gentlemen like Don Draper and Wes Anderson. You can’t go wrong with a button down. You really¬†can’t go wrong with a button down if you roll up the sleeves. This is a classic piece that works perfectly for that more put together vibe. You can also wear it more casually by throwing a t-shirt under one of the plaid options. Always effective.

Mens Dressy 1

Not to say accessorize but accessories are key in keeping up that classy, put together look. No you don’t need earrings and a purse but definitely a watch is a plus and usually a briefcase/messenger bag of some kind will help you to give off that “I’ve got my shit together” vibe. This look works extremely well for people who have tattoos, especially sleeves.

Mens- Dressy 2

Lastly, shoes are an important element here as well. The oxford style is always a good one. In addition, boots. I can’t really explain the kind of boots I mean but the ankle height ones. (Edit: They’re called Chukka boots). Just look at the pictures.

Mens- Dress 3



This look is pretty exemplified in Tyler, The Creator and Youtube personality Sam Pepper. You need weirdly patterned short sleeve button downs to achieve this look. The key to looking like you are fresh from Venice Beach is a weird floral shirt. Trust me on this one. It doesn’t have to be button down, but it needs to have some crazy and colorful print.

mens skater 1

The second thing that’s pretty crucial to the west coast look is a snapback. I don’t know what the craze is, but the colorful button down is nothing without a snapback. Another thing to consider: weirdly patterned socks.

Mens Skate-Acc

The final thing you need for this look is a few good t-shirts. You can get these anywhere. I suggest Goodwill and Target for those on a budget but if you’re feeling more like splurging, Topman, H&M, and Vans do really cool t-shirts.

mens skater 3



This look is one of the easiest to achieve. Seen commonly on folks like Harry Styles, Zac Efron, and David Beckham, the rocker look has been around for ages. The first thing you’re going to need is a couple of v-necks and a few pairs of skinny jeans.

Rocker 1

The next essential is a good pair of sunglasses and a beanie. If you have shaggy/long-ish hair, a beanie will definitely work for you. The longer the better honestly, but all guys can work a beanie.

rocker 2

The last necessity is outerwear. A blazer or leather jacket and a pair of industrial/combat-style boots is crucial for the “just rolled out of bed after my tour and threesome” look. You know you want it.

mens rocker 3

I hope this post helped you a little! Let me know what your favorite menswear trends are? Should I do more menswear stuff?

xo Miranda

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