Okay before you kill me because it’s been over a month since I’ve done a blog post, know this. I’ve been hard at work with Kate on our most recent project, our Youtube Channel!! We just released a spooky skeleton makeup tutorial for Halloween, so you should click on that if you haven’t seen it yet!

Anyway, time to talk about one of my favorite shows: Once Upon a Time. I marathoned season one of this show last fall, and got into season two but never finished it. I just picked it back up again and I forgot how much I loved it!! So, I’ve come up with some looks inspired by my favorite characters from the show. They have such cute style! I thought I’d do some posts contrasting the characters in each world, since I love how the style is translated into the human world.


Once Upon A Time 1

I have always loved Mary Margaret’s style. She is one of my favorite characters on the show, and I love how Snow’s style translates into the real world. In Storybrooke, look for pastels, Peter Pan collars, muted colors, and classic silhouettes. And as Snow, look for neutrals, furs, and mixed fabrics, with a practical vibe similar to Katniss’ from the Hunger Games.

Mary Margaret Once Upon A Time
Snow White Once Upon a Time

Another character who I absolutely love (how could I not), is David, aka Prince Charming. His Storybrooke style is adorable, and his prince style is just ugh. Kill me now where are all the princes honestly.


Charming Once Upon A Time

Regina’s style is also awesome, it’s very rough and tough. She wears a lot of dark colors and structured business wear. I have a love/hate relationship with her character, but she’s got great clothes.


Regina Once Upon A Time

Last but not least is Ruby. She’s part werewolf, part vampy girl next door, and her style sure shows it. Always featuring little hints of red, she’s one of the coolest characters in that her outfits always feature some sort of nod to her Little Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf life.


Little Red Riding Hood Once Upon A Time

I’d have to say that my favorite Once Upon A Time character as far as style goes is Mary Margaret, but there are definitely other stand outs on the show. Is anyone else obsessed with it?

xo Miranda

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