So, after creating my Style Inspiration: Once Upon A Time post, I realized just how much I freaking LOVE Mary Margaret’s style. It’s effortlessly feminine and adorable and I can’t get enough. I loved it so much that I thought it was worth it’s own post.

I love her style as Snow and as Mary Margaret so I’m going to split it up between the two of them. I can’t get enough of this show. Am I the only one who’s totally obsessed?


For Mary Margaret, it’s all about outerwear. Her cardigans and coats are absolutely to die for, and she always wears them in muted pinks, purples, and blues, or various pastels. The colors add femininity to her look, and the silhouettes of her cardigans and coats bring out her cute curves as well. She just always looks so cozy and huggable.

Mary Margaret Blanchard Coats
Mary Margaret Sweaters

Mary Margaret also loves hats. It is a rare occasion that she’s not wearing some sort of beret or beanie. She’s also usually always sporting some sort of scarf as well. It’s apparently always winter in Storybrooke. They do live in Maine I guess.

Mary Margaret Accessories

One last thing I love about Mary Margaret is the harsh contrast between her hair and makeup and her clothes. Her outfits are usually very soft and girly, but she is usually wearing a strong winged liner. Her edgy, black pixie cut also adds an element of strength to her appearance.

mmm mmm2

xo Miranda

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