Mindy Kaling’s brainy it-girl Mindy Lahiri is nothing short of incredible when it comes to style. Bold prints, bright colors, and staple pieces make Mindy’s wardrobe so very desirable.

Her curvy figure looks amazing in everything she wears and every week on The Mindy Project I find myself craving a new article of her clothing. She shows off her curves in every outfit that graces her body and she pulls them all off with confidence and style.  I’ve been digging the fashion posts lately, so check out my Spencer Hastings style profile too while you’re at it!

Part of what makes me love Mindy so much is that we share a lot of the same physical and personality traits. We’re both a little curvy, a little sassy, sarcastic, but deep down good people, though a little bit culture obsessed. We have our differences but out of all of TV’s comediennes, I relate to Mindy the most. Everything she wears is so bright and fun!


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