Hey there! Kate here. Miranda and I are currently sitting at Starbucks slurping down some caffeine and editing videos, so I thought I’d post a little preview here.

One of our latest videos is a summer lookbook, which we’re super pumped about. While filming, we realized that I tend to go for a more chic, formal look, while Miranda tends to lean toward effortless, casual cool. Hopefully we covered a wide enough range so that you can adapt these trends for your personal style!

UPDATE: Here’s the video!!!

Summer Rule #1: Mix prints. Unfortunately, since the hot weather means wearing less, it’s a little harder to be trendy. An easy way is to mix prints like stripes and florals, like I did here!

Urban Outfitters shirt and shorts; Charlotte Russe scarf; Converse sneakers; Charming Charlie sunglasses.

IMG_6592 IMG_6593


Summer Rule #2: Be witty. How in love with Miranda’s “Love Thy Selfie” tee are you? As I said, less clothes, so this means you’ve gotta utilize the space you DO have. A random dude on the street even complimented her!

American Eagle shirt; Target skirt and purse; Birkenstock sandals; Charming Charlie sunglasses.

IMG_6615 IMG_6614Summer Rule #3: Brights, brights, brights… Just because you’ve gotta dress up, doesn’t mean your look has to be dull. I love bright floral prints and gorgeous, colorful accessories. And there’s nothing like a simple gold heel!

Zara dress; Target purse; J. Crew heels.

IMG_6611 IMG_6610Summer Rule #4: …Or keep it simple. LOVE that Miranda complemented a crisp, clean white button-down and leggings with funky accessories, like a gold wishbone necklace that I am soon to steal.

Rainbow shirt; Target leggings and sunglasses; Birkenstock sandals; Pitaya wallet; Marc Jacobs necklace.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2

Summer Rule #5: Go flowy. The sun is beating down, and nothing is worse than tight clothes. A flowy skirt AND shirt can work if the top is cropped. Add cute accessories, and you’re done!

Dynamite Vintage shirt and skirt; Forever21 purse; Charming Charlie sunglasses; vintage necklace.

IMG_6624 k1

Summer Rule #6: Get creative. The floral print on Miranda’s dress was really pretty, but a little too formal for the look she was going for. So she topped it with a cool tee to create an insta-skirt for her edgy, skater girl look!


Asphalt Yacht Club shirt; Target dress; Rainbow hat; Charming Charlie sunglasses; Birkenstock sandals.

m1Ya dig? Let us know how you liked the looks, and what you like to wear on sweltering summer days!

Keep an eye out for our video version of this post!

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