Spring Break is quickly approaching the University of Georgia. You can feel it in the air. People are writing and typing faster, feet are tapping, coffees are being chugged, sunglasses are on; we are ready to go. I know some of you have spring break this week or maybe even in two weeks, so I thought I’d do this post today. Sorry if I just missed yours, but these tips can come in handy for weekend activities anyway. I have had my fair share of boring, stay-at-home spring breaks, and this year I’m actually going to the beach. But never fear! I am looking out for my fellow stay-at-home spring breakers! I’ve put together a little list of things to do during your nice leisurely nine day break from life.


I love going on little trips. No matter where you live, I bet you can find a nice place you’ve never been before. Go to your town’s downtown area and just sit there and hang out, find a forest or a field and hang out, find a hiking trail and walk around. Exploring the place you’re from will make you love it more. Knowing the little nooks and crannies of your hometown, or wherever you live, is like getting to know your best friend. You live here, why don’t you know all of it’s secrets? Bring a camera, a journal, a blanket, a frisbee, whatever, and just hang out somewhere you don’t usually go. You can even go all out and pretend you’re on a trip. Non-vacations are great because they’re fun to do alone. Just hang out with yourself. If you’re feeling bold, don’t use your phone. I wont say no music because that’s just cruel but really, the little, hidden places around town always end up being my favorites.

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I’m a strong supporter of writing. Even if you don’t think you can write, or think you don’t know how. I bet you have something to say. Try to sit down and get some of those opinions on paper, or on a blog or a Tumblr or something. It can be very┬átherapeutic. I know the last thing you want to do is write, since you’re on a break from school and homework after all, but try to write something just for fun. Poetry, stories, a blog, a novel, a diary, a play, a stand up routine, whatever. Just write something and get those parts of your brain moving. My best ideas come from lazy days.

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I always have a list miles and miles long of artists I want to start listening to for real. I hate when I only know one or two songs by someone. This spring break I’m going to be cracking down with “The Ride” and “Dear Friends” volumes one, two, and three by Seattle rapper Sol. I also still haven’t really delved into Childish Gambino’s “Camp” and I freaking own the actual physical album what’s wrong with me. A few other artists I’m going to be pushing through the airwaves this spring break include Alabama Shakes (who I just can’t seem to love just yet), Tame Impala, and my favorite vacation music because I’m weird, Weezer. Guys I’m for real, Weezer is great road trip music. If you guys have any suggestions for things I should listen to, comment them below! If you’re looking for some good artists to get into, I recommend Toro Y Moi, Milo, James Blake, and some good old fashioned Sinatra and Marvin Gaye.

childish milo tame impala


This seems to go along a little bit with number one, but really, you will sometimes get the best coffee from the littlest hole in the wall bean joint in town. There’s an incredible coffee shop/pub in Athens called Walker’s and I’m not lying when I say it’s probably one of the best mocha lattes I’ve ever had. If you’re in Atlanta, Doctor Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party makes a mean Cinnamon Bun Latte, and they have a million delicious types of tea. I took some pictures when I brought my camera to Atlanta a few weeks ago, but it really is so yummy.

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I have an absurd amount of ideas floating around in my head. I’ve always been this way. I have a lot of ideas, and I don’t do anything with them. I feel like spring break is a great time to figure out how to make your ideas come into fruition. Yeah I said fruition. Hah but really! Do something with your brilliance! Write that book you’ve been meaning to write, apply for that job you’ve been putting off, start a blog, read a book, start a business, invent something, fix something that’s been broken for a while! Just do something that you’ve been meaning to do, and make it happen. After you do it, you will feel amazing. I use long breaks as opportunities to experiment with photography, because it’s something I love but don’t do enough. I love putting weird costumes and make up on myself or other people, and making them look awesome. Shout out to my friends and roommate for putting up with this…

clairee tammy portfolio1


This is a fun one. For me this is photography and ticket stubs and all sorts of random concert passes and programs. I keep all of these things in this huge photo album, just all tucked into the pockets. Just gather up all of the random shit you have lying around and put it all in a book. Glue it down, tape it up, do whatever you want, but put it together. Remember all of the cool things you did and make them beautiful and important in a big book of all of the things you do with your life. Mine has old Warped Tour tickets, movie ticket stubs, some photos I’ve taken, napkins, business cards, all sorts of stuff. I just like organizing things, so this is fun for me. If you’re cool and don’t have a lot of “things”, you can fill yours with thoughts, photos, drawings, whatever.

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Movies are amazing. I may be biased because I’m a film major, but I think we can all agree. They’re amazing. Go on Netflix or Project Free TV or YouTube or to a RedBox or something and get a movie you haven’t seen. Hell, maybe watch a movie on TV! Holy crap. Go outside your comfort zone. If you don’t like a certain type of movie, try something similar, there’s something to be gained from every kind of movie. If you need suggestions you can check out all of my movie review posts, or else just browse through the internet. Some of my favorite movies in the world were directed by Alfred Hitchcock, so if you aren’t afraid for a movie to get a little weird, watch a Hitchcock film. Some of my favorites are Marnie, Vertigo, North By Northwest, and Dial M For Murder. I really want to see Life of Pi, so I’m going to try to do that at some point this break.

I overestimated my abilities and can only think of seven things. I’m too lazy to think of more, but I hope these helped you and provided you with some ideas for what to do during a vacation free spring break! I’m going to the beach, but I will definitely be putting many of these into practice myself, and I will be taking a ton of photos so you’ll be able to read all about it and live vicariously through my tequila sunrise filled week (JK mom I’m totally kidding obviously).

xox Miranda

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