Thrifting is something I have an intense (and possibly unhealthy) passion for. My mom used to take my sister and I to flea markets, antique stores, and thrift shops all the time in my hometown in Georgia which is where I developed my love for a good bargain, and the whole “one man’s trash” thing started to truly become my way of life. Since moving to New York, I’ve had to do a lot of searching by foot and online to find the best thrift stores the city has to offer. I thought I’d put together a list of my personal favorite places to look, so you can find yourself a gem the next time you’re here. I’ve also included my favorite stores in NYC, generally speaking, in case thrifting isn’t your scene – because NYC is home to some truly unique shops & businesses. I thought I’d take some of the guesswork out of exploration, and give you a handy syllabus of stops to make along your way.


Goodwill on 2nd Avenue between 87th and 88th

  • Super affordable
  • Good for vintage designer finds, and higher end brands (thanks to all of the rich folks who donate clothes in the Upper East Side)
  • Multiple locations around the city

Housing Works on 2nd Avenue and 90th

  • Awesome shop with reasonably priced designer and upscale clothes
  • Good place to find bags, shoes, and homewares
  • Good menswear selection
  • Multiple locations around the city

Flying Tiger on 2nd Avenue and 74th

  • Danish store dealing in affordable home goods, stationery, and trinkets.
  • Ikea’s kooky little sister.
  • Scandinavian & modern designs for a sleek, but quirky home & life.


Beacon’s Closet

  • Cool & affordable consignment shop
  • More mid-range brands, less designer finds
  • Multiple locations around the city


  • Super pricey urban menswear (I believe they have a Manhattan location as well.)
  • Cereal bar in the store
  • Sneakerheads will enjoy.


Opening Ceremony SoHo
Opening Ceremony SoHo via @openingceremony


  • Japanese store known for simple storage & home goods.
  • Stationery, home goods, and simple clothing.
  • They sell the best pens in the whole world.

Opening Ceremony

  • Showroom of urban, hip, designer ready to wear clothes & accessories.
  • Cool selection of shoes and shades.
  • Expensive but visually stimulating and worth a stroll.


Namaste Bookshp
Namaste Bookshop via @namastebookshop


  • Best bookstore in NYC.
  • Huge selection of books old & new.
  • Great place to get quirky gifts, stickers, and other baubles.

Ricky’s NYC

  • Best place to find unusual makeup in the city.
  • Great selection of online brands that are hard to find in stores: Morphe, Violet Voss, Sugarpill, BH Cosmetics, Ben Nye, Palladio, NYX, LA Girl, Dose of Colors.
  • They have FX makeup, skincare, haircare, and cosmetic makeup. I can’t get enough of this place. Locations all over the city as well.

Namaste Bookshop

  • Cool new-age bookshop with a variety of genres.
  • Crystals, incense, chimes, tarot cards and other spiritual objects.


Koryo Books
Koryo Books via @harpercollinsus

Koryo Books

  • Awesome Korean bookstore with Korean titles, K-pop merch, and stationery.


MUJI Chelsea
MUJI Chelsea via @mujiusa

Paper Presentation

  • The place to go in NYC if you’re into any sort of crafting at all.
  • Huge selection of paper goods & craft supplies.


  • Yes, another MUJI. Just letting you know there’s one in Chelsea, too.


  • Huge magic & costume shop, with tons of selection and cool trinkets.


  • An editorial-style shop whose entire space & theme change every 4-8 weeks.
  • They stock their shelves each season with new wares and items based around their new theme. They collaborate with artists and architects to completely reconstruct the space. It’s awesome.
  • Their themes can be super general: love, holidays, etc, or more specific, like their recent 90s Nickelodeon throwback.

Let me know if you guys would be interested in a food + drink guide as well – there is so much incredible food and coffee here.

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