Before I start, let me apologize for not posting more this week. I’ve been getting ready for something super exciting and awesome: moving into my first apartment!! I moved in on Thursday and I have been unpacking and decorating maniacally for the past few days.

I’m living with some good friends of mine and we’re having so much fun making decisions about pillows and dinner and other exciting adult things. I’ve been unpacking my room today and I printed some photos at Walgreens with which I made some photo collages on my walls that I’m very excited about. Here are some photos of my bedroom/bathroom thus far!

The first photo collage on one of my walls:


The photo collage above my bed and my favorite Florence and the Machine poster:


My bed and some pillows that don’t really match:


Desk area, complete with disgustingly large bio book, season one of Skins UK on DVD, and some of my favorite books and things:room04

My awesome London tube map shower curtain:


Bathroom necessities:


Some jewelery storage and my new One Direction cups from the one and only Walmart. Almost 20 years old over here.

room07The lighting in my room is really rough as you can probably tell but I’m in the process of getting a lamp so the darkness should be gone soon. Last night my roommates and I cooked spaghetti and meatballs with salad and garlic bread. It was so yummy!


We’re so excited to start this new adventure. I’ve been repinning like a madwoman in Pinterestland┬áso if you’d like to see some of my inspiration, it’s over there for your enjoyment. Also if you really want to be in the loop, you can follow my adventures on Instagram too.


xo Miranda

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