Ah, sweet eyebrows. It’s safe to say that eyebrows have been established as one of the more important parts of any beauty routine, and (of course), they’re so easy to mess up. Life can’t just be easy, after all. So here I am, sliding into your DMs with the high key lowdown on all things brows. 

The Shape

One of the most important elements of brow culture- the shape. My motto? Work with what you’ve got. I have pretty light eyebrows, so most of my work comes with shaping and darkening. If you have thick, dark brows, your focus might be tidying, plucking, or even waxing. I am no beauty expert, but I’ll tell you what I do to keep my brows in tip-top shape. (Pun intended.)

Find some inspiration: At the beginning of my brow journey, I looked to Jennifer Lawrence for inspiration. Her brows are very much straight across, and I liked the look.


These days, I like to go for a more full look, and I always look to the queen of beautiful brows- Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup. Her brows are luscious. I’m a fangirl of her brows.


The Products

As far as products go- brows are their own industry. There are of course, the legendary Anastasia products and the Benefit staples, but I prefer a mix of a few things.

For shaping- nothing beats a good pair of tweezers. The Trim tweezers are the best, but if you can handle a little pain you can pretty much use anything. Pluck along with the direction of hair growth and pull parallel to your skin instead of away from it for a smoother and more pleasant pluck (lol). If there’s a lot of wild growth, waxing and threading are options, but I’d recommend calling in a professional to do that job.

For filling in- I’ve been a devotee of the CK One Color Brow Pencil + Gel Duo in Wiry Brunette for about a year now. It’s got a thicker waxy pencil on one end and a tinted gel on the other. It is soooo easy to use (though a bit hard to track down). My new favorite combo is to fill in and shape my brows with the GOSH Brow Pen in Dark Brown and then smudge that out with the CK pencil. I set it all with the gel and it stays all day. The GOSH Brow Pen is a little intense if you don’t blend it out well, and for me it’s a little on the reddish side, but when blended with the gray of the CK pencil, it’s a dream combo.

As a note- I used to be a loyal devotee to the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil, but the tip is a little too thin for me. I like the chunky tip on the CK pencil a lot better.

The Maintenance

As far as maintenance goes, I just pluck every few days to keep things clean and to prevent myself from having to designate an hour in my calendar just for brow saving. Pluck as you go- thats the motto.

What are your favorite brow products?

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