The end draws near, and for most, the end brings with it the promise of new beginnings. For us seniors, it is so incredibly exciting to leave this four year cage of adolescence and enter into what is now “the real world”. It is slightly frightening to have to accept such change, especially when many of us are entering college alone, without many friends nearby. As AP Exams begin and school begins to draw to an end, we will all start to realize, I think, just how much we are connected to each other, even if only indirectly and distantly. However, on the bright side, an entirely new horizon awaits us, and I can’t wait to begin anew in a strange place.

This summer is going to be one hell of a joy ride for most of us. Soon many of us will attempt to destroy, renew, quietly shut, or desperately save the relationships that we have made here in our quaint little John’s Creek bubble. The emotional whiplash that is graduation will be the end of the road for many of the friendships I have made. Hopefully, the friendships that I currently value will remain intact, but I know that this may not be possible. I think that the social media craze that has been boiling and bubbling for the past decade is starting to impact the way we connect with each other. It is much easier to maintain connections because of the ridiculous amount of resources we have access to, which in turn makes me hopeful that many of my friends will remain as such.

So, whether you decide to burn your bridges or rebuild and maintain them, the end of the road shouldn’t have to be a negative thing for us. We still have the summer to do all of the things we have been planning, and even if they are elusive and impossible, the end of senior year is literally (yes, literally) insignificant in the grand scheme of life, therefore the world will not end, and we can all just keep on keeping on.

So while I’m feeling some of this:

I’m feeling a lot more of this:

And a little bit of this:

In the wise words of Mr. Desmond Hume-

“See you in another life, brother.”

xox Miranda

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