The girl crush is quite a marvel indeed. The phenomenon of being absurdly obsessed with/in like with a girl is just one of those things that happens to the best of women everywhere. Women admire other women. Now, that scale goes from girl crush to jealousy pretty quickly, but I think we can all appreciate when someone is so amazing that we just try so hard to be like them or find a little bit of ourselves in them. Is that just me?

I’ve had many girl crushes in my life, and it’s obviously because I watch a ton of TV shows and movies. I just admire many people okay.

Here are some of my personal favorite girls/women in popular media/culture-ish right now.


Alright, this woman kicks my butt. She’s funny, confident, stylish, and successful. You can see why I admire her. Her show, The Mindy Project, might be my favorite comedy on TV ( I think it’s passing Workaholics omg). I think I like it because there is finally a show on TV about a girl like me (not grossly skinny and a little sassy). She’s successful also, and I think that’s what makes me love her so much. I’m not sure how different the Mindy from the show is from the Mindy in real life, but I feel like they’re pretty similar, and I love thinking that. Five stars for Mindy Kaling. mindy TheMindyProject_MIN114_2500_640x360_16637507510



Okay I know she’s just a character but for some reason I totally envied her lifestyle throughout the entire series of Weeds up until like the last episode. There’s just something glamorous about the iced coffee, flowy dress, subtly sexy look to her. I hate her a little for being like forty and better looking than me, but Nancy Botwin just had her shit together. She didn’t at all but I still want to be like her, it’s a little irrational okay?

Diosa 14 nancy nancy2 weeds


Sue Heck does her own thing guys. She’s just hilarious. This should really be dedicated to Eden Sher, who portrays her on the show The Middle, but Sue’s outfits are too great to not post. I just talked about her, but I don’t know. She’s growing on me. My sister also pointed out that we have the same sweater so that’s a start.

sue sue-and-tim suee sue-heck


No explanation necessary. She’s just too pretty I can’t deal. Plus her name is Rooney which is too cool.

img-the-rooney-mara-effect_193816736999 roo rooneyrooney mara


Responsible for the brilliance behind HBO’s Girls, Lena Dunham is a freakin’ legend. I wish I could be as cool as her. She’s changing the way female humor is perceived, and she’s doing it with style. She just knows. When are Lena and Mindy gonna collab?

a_4x-horizontallen lena-001 lena-dunham


Alright I wasn’t sure whether to classify this under her real name or her character on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, but I went with both. Troian Bellisario might actually be the coolest person to ever be on ABC Family. She’s a genius. She writes, directs, acts, looks cool, writes poetry, and loves good literature. Like come on girl. Her voice is like raspy and amazing sounding. Also, her character is studious and headstrong and stylish so I didn’t want to leave her out either. I have such a girl crush on her. Gah, I just want to be her best friend.

spenc troian-bellisario-1338017457 Troian-Bellisario-troian-bellisario-19940591-512-366 Troian-Bellisario-troian-bellisario-19940622-1500-998


Though I have yet to see 2 Broke Girls, I love me some Kat Dennings. She’s fierce, independent, and ridiculously sexy. I think all girls want that combination of unkempt girl-next-door meets supermodel and Kat does that. Damn her.

936full-kat-dennings kat-dennings-272621 nick-and-norah-2 tumblr_mhh290p2Az1rbs2tjo2_1280


I think I love Jennifer Lawrence because Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s hilarious and awkward in interviews, but she just happens to be really absurdly pretty. She thinks she looks “like a troll” and doesn’t get why people like her, but she just laughs it off and brags about it to her brothers who used to beat her up as a child. Sounds like my kinda girl.

jen jenn jennifer jennifer-lawrence-glamour-uk--large-msg-133045786822


From her portrayal of Cassie Ainsworth on Skins to her brief stint on Game of Thrones, I have always loved Hannah Murray. She’s got that cute little British girl style that I adore. I wish I could pull off that cute lil British manic pixie style. Her character was a bit off the wall druggie-anorexic, but very intriguing. I miss Skins. If you’ve not seen that, watch it on Netflix. The UK version of course.

cascas hannah-murray-003



Once Upon A Time’s quirky schoolteacher is living my dream life. She’s got a secret fairy tale identity that she doesn’t even find out about for a while, she dresses super adorably, and she can communicate with birds. What up doe. I love you Mary Margaret and I want all of your clothes. Thank you Ginnifer Goodwin for making her so stinkin’ cute. She also has my dream coat.

1272828091pre-4389649512765473040 mary Once-Upon-A-Time-1x10-7-15-A-M-snow-white-mary-margaret-blanchard-28770425-1280-720 -Snow-snow-white-mary-margaret-blanchard-32156551-500-280


There ain’t no party like a Liz Lemon party cuz a Liz Lemon party is mandatory. She’s weird, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s weird, I love her, she’s weird. Thank you (and RIP) 30 Rock for Liz Lemon. All I’m saying.

30rock114 206134 liz lizz


The last girl on my list is the infamous Blair Waldorf. I originally wanted this post to be a tidy number like 10 but I couldn’t let Blair go. She is the ultimate strong, independent, stylish woman. Yeah I mean she’s rich and kind of a bitch but don’t we all secretly want to be just like her? Maybe that’s just me. Gossip-Girl-5-06-I-am-number-nine-blair-waldorf-26375164-1333-2000


I hope you enjoyed this! Who are your girl crushes??

xo Miranda

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