As you all may well know, I love a good nail polish. I’m a sucker for the nudes, and I think I’ve found my favorite. What is described as an “irresistible alabaster orchid” on their website is now my go-to, need to throw on something right now, nude polish. Essie’s Urban Jungle rings in at just over $8, but I’m almost certain that it’s worth well over that. The downside is the notoriously hard to use Essie brush, but if you are a seasoned nails-painting junkie like myself, you can definitely learn to make it work.

I topped off with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat, my all-time fave. If you are in need of a fast-drying, shine dishing top coat, then this is your new favorite thing. Since I am a bit of a toddler when it comes to waiting, I need a quick drying top coat so that I have at least an hour before my nails are destroyed entirely.

I think the grey-nude may be the new it-color for fall and winter? Are the days of plummy and wine-y fall colors long gone? Only time will tell…

What’s your favorite nude nail polish?

xo Miranda

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