As a decently pale person, achieving a true summer glow proves incredibly difficult for me. My younger sister and mom both tan like a dream – getting that perfect glowy poolside look, but I get red. Lobster red.

For this reason, I’ve resorted to faux bronzing to achieve the perfect glow. I haven’t yet tried a tanning bed (pretty out of the question for me) or a spray or fake tan (I feel like I would definitely mess that up completely), so for now I stick to bronzing makeup products to do the trick. Over the last few years, I’ve definitely narrowed down the list of products I love for bronzing, and I’m here to report a solid top three.

Honorary mentions include: the Tarte TANtalizer Bronzer and the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny.

The Perfect Powder

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. The Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing Powder is my go-to bronzer if I’m looking for a matte powder. It applies well, and isn’t too pigmented, which is a quality I like in a bronzer because I tend to get very heavy-handed. It smells like cocoa, and is in a cute cardboard magnetic package – so pretty much foolproof when it comes to shatter-potential. This is a great summer bronzer if you’re wearing matte-finish makeup and aren’t trying to look dewy or sweaty.

The Dose of Dew

A fairly new product, the Benefit Dew The Hoola is a rip on their classic and beloved Hoola bronzer. I love this product for a thin, dewy bronze glow. It comes out of the pump more a liquid than a cream, and blends perfectly into the skin – leaving behind a subtle shimmer. This is a good one to mix into foundation before applying. I prefer to apply this one with a sponge or Beauty Blender if possible. It does have a tendency to go a bit orange if you’re heavy handed, so be careful with that.

Summer in a Stick

This is my newest addition to the bronzing family and my personal favorite. It’s the Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer in Baked. I’d seen this brand in Sephora for the last couple of months but hadn’t heard much about it. I had a professional application done at Sephora the other day (it’s free with a $50 purchase), and the woman used this on my cheeks and I was sold. It’s a thick, creamy formula (similar to the Clinique chubby sticks or NARS multiples), and I apply it swirled onto the Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer brush. The combo of the thicker cream formula and the dense flatter brush allows you to get a really good amount of product on. Because the bronzer is matte and creamy, it blends super easily and gives a really natural finish. LOVE.

Are there any other bronzers I should try? Always on the market.

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