Winter is finally here in the oh-so-bipolar state of Georgia, and just in time for your last minute Christmas/”holiday” shopping I have gathered up some lovely winter staples for your visual enjoyment. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons, because I can wear so many clothes at once, so I go extra hard with fall/winter style posts. Forgive me.

I cannot stress the importance of good outerwear for the winter months. A fur hood is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. If you live somewhere that doesn’t get too cold, a leather jacket will work wonders. In addition, coats with an empire waist (one that cinches and then flares out) will always be flattering and feminine. Sorry all of these are expensive af. A girl can dream.

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Another thing that is crucial during wintertime is a good piece of headwear. Now if you’re like me and nothing looks good atop your head, fear not. I will encourage you to keep trying though I have given up. A good beanie is essential for keeping your head warm, especially if you have short hair. If you aren’t feeling a full head cover-up, try one of those knit head wraps or a trusty pair of ear muffs.

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Keeping your hands warm is the next order of business. There are so many cute pairs of mittens and gloves out there, though I really only use the ones that allow me to use my touch screen while remaining warm (because I am addicted to technology). If you’re looking for tech gloves, Target has a million and one different pairs. If you are sophisticated enough to not need to be able to scroll through Twitter (read: Tinder), then try some of these more fashionable varieties.

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Lastly, one of the most important winter staples is a good pair of boots. Awkward because I don’t own a single pair of boots. I am the most picky boot-buyer in the world. Someone tell me why I think I can give style advice when I can’t even follow my own rules and I still wear leggings as pants regularly. I am all about a good low cut boot though. Any of these varieties will keep your feet warm with a good pair of thick socks. Opt for pairs like the Doc Martens if you live somewhere where you need to be waterproof on all fronts.

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Have a good winter break.

xo Miranda

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