I’ve gotta be straight-up with you: during 90% of Fashion Month, I found myself bored out of my mind by the looks walking the Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear runways. It kind of popped my “Fashion Week designers can do no wrong” bubble; before this season, I’ve been absolutely enthralled by just about every single fashion show during every single season. Instead of my usual drooling over dresses and ear-to-ear grins at punk rock frocks, I felt a little like I was wasting my time from September 2 to October 1.

Don’t close out of your internet browser, though! The other 10%? Absolutely magical. In fact, they were some of the most awe-inspiring, unabashedly creative looks I’ve ever seen. And though it was easier to narrow down my favorite looks to a clean Top 10 this time, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve all of my – and your! – undying love. Prepare to bow down. Seriously, we’re not worthy.

#10: Vivienne Westwood (Paris). I’m a total sucker for designers that include high art in their creations, especially when it’s a little ironic. In total Vivienne Westwood style, she placed a conservative mantelpiece adorned with classical art onto a racy, body-skimming bathing suit. The only cover-up? A wide open, itty bitty white drapery of fabric. And, trust me, it’s only for drama.

10 PFW Vivienne Westwood


#9: Simone Rocha (London). Ugh. Ugh. UGH. The girly girl in me is flipping her lid right now. Who could resist a raincoat adorned with gorgeous red florals? And I love that it was paired with masculine brogues – adds a whole other dimension to the look, don’t you think? Now, I can’t promise I’ll be wearing a floral net around my head next spring, but it damn well looked awesome on the runway. P.S. This was the only look I loved from London Fashion Week. That means it’s extra good.

9 LFW Simone Rocha


#8: Saint Laurent (Paris). If one designer knows how to flawlessly mesh a punk rock look and girly details, it’s Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane. I mean, JESUS. Diamond-encrusted florals with spiky accessories? Who even knew that could work? To those who say it ain’t Laurent without Yves, I kindly disagree.

8 PFW Saint Laurent


#7: Dolce & Gabbana (Milan). Alright, D&G, we get it: you like red, lacy dresses. You enjoy trompe l’oeil details on at least half of your collection. And everything has to fit into some luxurious theme. I can’t honestly say I haven’t grown a little tiresome of it all. But this look, smack in the middle of it all? Downright refreshing. So casual, but still so luxurious! So sensual! So girl-next-door wins the lottery!



#6: Jenny Packham (New York). I’ve been a Jenny Packham obsessee ever since her creations were all over Gossip Girl. Is there any outfit you’d feel cooler in than this? Plus, I love that it would flatter every body type out there. And though I’d pair that top with a good, opaque bra, I’m pretty sure I’d spend all night staring at all those pearls and diamonds up there. No stressing over what jewelry to wear!

6 NYFW Jenny Packham


#5: Max Mara (Milan). Can’t you just see the hippest chick you know rocking this on a rainy day? Granted, I’d probably look like Puddles Pity Party in it (see this video:, but a girl can dream, right? Mixing prints is no easy feat, and this look is evidence that using the same print, but with inverted colors, is an easy and glamorous way to do it.

5 MFW Max Mara


#4: Monique Lhuillier (New York). This look really got my creative side going. It’s as if Lhuillier took nature – see those waves on the pants? – and brought it to the most sublime, heavenly level imaginable. Those pastel shades are so gorgeous, and when paired with a shimmery, futuristic-looking top, it takes it a level above “Cool Pants Paired With White Button Down,” as is so often the case.

4 NYFW Monique Lhuillier


#3: Carolina Herrera (New York). Who would have ever thought Carolina Herrera would do something so… edgy?! But the best part is, she didn’t lose herself while going there. The creamy white fabric and giant floral motif are beyond expected, but she really took the look up a notch with architectural tailoring and fragmentation of the motif. I am begging Jennifer Lawrence to wear this to an awards show this year. Who’s with me?

3 NYFW Carolina Herrera


#2: Rochas (Paris). My boyfriend constantly makes fun of me for loving school so much, and I’ve finally admitted it – I think that’s why I adore this look so much. The lettered button down, sassy skirt, and socks are oh-so collegiate, but glitter, frills, and too-cool-for-school heels keep it from being blatantly so. I’m already planning how I’ll DIY that top with a “K” emblazoned on the chest – any expert seamstresses out there?

2 PFW Rochas


#1: Elie Saab (Paris). Remember that time I told you I almost lost faith in Fashion Month? If it wasn’t for Elie Saab’s show, I might have considered the whole damn thing a flop. I gasped, I laughed, I (almost) cried flipping through these looks, and this gown is my absolute favorite. Once again, a water pattern, but this time mixed with fire. And those sporty stripes up top keep it looking fresh. Sigh…

1 PFW Elie Saab

P.S. That awesome featured image is from Chanel’s feminist rally of a fashion show. We love you, Karl. And Choupette, too.


Did you stay tuned to Fashion Month? How do you feel about these looks? Let me know!


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