As someone that’s absolutely NOT model-thin, but still adores fashion, I know how hard it can be to work some of the current trends. It’s a STRUGGLE, especially since most of those styles were designed with a size 0 model in mind. Not to give you headache-worthy flashbacks of math class, but I’ve found the only way to get by is to use a guess-and-check method: grab a million items you love, try them on, and either attempt to avoid crying at how fat you suddenly feel, or be pleasantly surprised at how AMAZING you look. But guess what? I’ve done the dirty work for you – not without a few self-conscious freak outs – and I’m here to show you some trends that will flatter YOUR body. Yes, yours! Here are my favorite trends that work on everyone, of ALL shapes and sizes:

1. Peplum

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Why on earth would I slap on a shirt or dress that adds extra fabric to my hips?!” Because it’ll make your waist look TEENSY, that’s why! Likely, you’ve belted an outfit at the waist to slimify before, and the same logic applies here. A-line, A-line, A-line, everyone!



2. Fun Pants

Alright, I know that title’s vague, but bear with me. Somewhere down the line, curvier girls were told that they’d morph into whales out of nowhere if they dared to don bright or patterned pants. Here’s something I’ve learned though: if you stick to bright, jewel-tone, or even neon pants, you’re good to go. Personally, even though they’re adorable, I think the pastel pants make everyone look a couple pounds heavier. And patterns can give a powerful kick to your look, so long as the print is of a smaller scale. What are you waiting for?

photo 1 copy

3. “Low-Cut” Heels

Nude heels are forever a classic. Why? Because they make your legs look ENDLESS. Shoes like these do the same thing, and were all over the spring runways. Choose a pair that either has a diagonal cut, like the ones below, or that has clear plastic around everywhere except the toe. You’ll have legs for days!


4. Shorts Suits

I love this trend because there’s just so much variety involved! Yeah, sure, this look could be totally unwearable if the shorts were daisy dukes and the jacket was runway-voluminous. But make those shorts high-waisted, and find a jacket that nips in just so at the waist, and you’re good to go!


5. 1950s-style Swimwear

I couldn’t leave swimwear out at this time of year, could I?! Thank your lucky stars, ladies – you can throw away your unflattering bikinis and frumpy tankinis, because there’s a new suit in town. A high-waisted bottom creates an hourglass silhouette, while a halter top creates and enhances your bust. Tiny waist + big boobs = sheer figure flattery. Need I say more? This season, there’s a particular suit I’ve been lusting after, by Cris Urena for Topshop. See it below, buy it for me, I’ll love you forever.


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Kate Foster

NYC-based writer. Beauty Assistant at Seventeen Magazine.