I’m not sure how it happened this way, but I had never been to Ikea before today. It’s basically an overwhelming paradise of cheap but pretty things like toilet brushes and mason jars and bedding. I went with mah gurl Gaby today and of course we had to record the day in pictures.

There’s nothing very exciting in here, but I did manage to actually make her take a photo of me (holy shit i’m a real person) so that was nice, I guess. Sometimes I’m actually surprised when I appear in mirrors and on camera. Anyway, have you ever been to Ikea? We managed to not buy anything except some Swedish chocolate which I consider a success. It was a cool place though! I’ll have to return to do some apartment shopping. I absolutely love the curtains below and I’m thinkin about em….

ikea1 ikea2 ikea3 ikea4 ikea5 ikea6 ikea7 ikea8 ikea9 ikea10

xo Miranda

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