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Hi there.

So what the heck is going on here then? Well you could think of it as a reversion to old ways – old habits and styles. You could think of it as coming full circle, maybe, or some divine joke about how things always end up where they once were, or where you least expect them to be.

Over the past six years, High Voltage has been my home. It’s been through countless renovations and revisions. I’ve come in and out of touch with it, but I’ve always been perfecting. Trying to make it the best possible place it could be.




I think, after our big rebranding earlier this year, I lost touch with what this place was supposed to be. Somewhere for me to connect with you. High Voltage went in a new direction, bringing on amazing writers and expanding to focus on new and exciting things. We had some amazing opportunities because of High Voltage’s big expansion, and I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Part of this whole “put yourself out on the Internet” thing is about evolution and embracing that. I’ve been tending the grass here for so long, I’d begun to feel that things were getting a little stale. I wasn’t refreshed, our readership was going down, and I didn’t feel the community I’d felt when we’d first begun.

This new evolution is bringing things back to the personal place where it all began. I want to share what I’m loving, experiencing, and seeing with you. I want the content here to really bring something to the table, whether it’s a great recommendation, a reflection on life, or just the best meme of the month.

High Voltage was a name I dreamt up six years ago on a whim, whilst creating this very space. It will always mean a great deal to me (you have no idea how many blogs I’d started before this one which went absolutely nowhere). So, we have a new name, Miranda/Fen, which is really just a fancy looking version of my name, but it’s the same me we started with all those years ago.

On a quick little scheduling note, I’ll be bringing you something new at 11am EST every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (including a brand new video over on my good old, trusty YouTube channel). I’m excited and also slightly horrified of this change. HV will always be an amazing chapter in our history, you and me, but I think you’ll find things around here will feel just like home. So – new name, new look, let’s get this done!

See you Wednesday: same time, same place.

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Miranda Feneberger

Miranda Feneberger

In the middle of an existential crisis. If you have one of those super long phone chargers can you send it to me?