When I started this little blog back in 2011, it was intended to be a fashion blog. After about two posts, my laziness gleamed through as I realized fashion was absolutely not my calling. Sure, I appreciate the hell out of it, but I am just a black leggings and Vans kind of girl at the end of the day.

However, as of late, I have been getting more and more addicted to beauty. I’ve been a closet Youtube beauty guru stalker for a few years now, and after going to IMATS last spring, I’m hooked. My visit to NYC has only strengthened my bond with beauty products, and some deep discussions with Kate over our love for all things creamy, pigmented, and shimmery has led me to one conclusion. High Voltage Blog is putting on the mascara, touching up the powder, and stepping out for a night on the town. The beauty town that is.

After the most disgustingly cliche sleepover where Kate and I sprawled across her bed and talked about our personal skin types and favorite beauty products, we concluded that there is only one thing to be done about all of this. Kate and Miranda are gonna get down and dirty with beauty, uncovering the latest and greatest scrubs, paints, liners, and polishes all for your own personal enjoyment. We’ve got an exciting announcement coming for you all soon, so stick around, because if you’ve read this thoroughly, we’ve already given you a pretty big hint as to what that super secret surprise is. Now don’t get too excited, as all of our normal post topics are still going to be lined up monthly, but we’re just letting you know ahead of time that our brains are in beauty mode, so prepare yourselves for this lacquered and lipsticked ride.

xo Miranda

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Miranda Feneberger

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