Guys if you can’t tell I’m in a serious summer mood this week how many times can I say it. All I want to do is run around the grungy piers of California wearing stringy denim shorts and muscle tank tops with snarky sayings on them. I have to capture the elusive cool of the modern California youth culture mixed with a little bit of that seventies suburban washed out retro summer vibe mixed with the freaks half of Freaks and Geeks (so glad everyone loves that now) mixed with a little bit of Kate Spade-esque brightness. Does that make sense to anyone but me? You’re going to have to put up with about five more of these posts because I’m in an extra strong mood.


I will eventually shut up about Odd Future, but until then I just want you to know that I lust after their amazing ability to have fun all the time. These guys are living life right and I love it. I want to look like I could belong in any of their photos. ONE DAY I WILL BE EFFORTLESSLY COOL LOOKING. The entire Golf Wang site pretty much.

earl from golfwang tumblr_lztwdxGsL11qd7dym tyler from golfwang

I have a bad habit of allowing a mood to take over my whole life. I actually bagged up about three quarters of my wardrobe last night to bring back home because I was just sick of it. All I will wear are big oversized t-shirts and tank tops that say funny things, denim shorts, leather or at least black pants/leggings, my Converse that I just brought to school, my beanie that doesn’t look that great on me, and any other ripped up summery neon or faded or skater thing I can find. I’m not a poser, I am just highly influenced by whatever is inspiring me at the moment, is that so bad?

References: The Virgin Suicides, Moonrise Kingdom, skater kids from old MTV shows, Ben Affleck’s gang in Good Will Hunting, etc.edit 1 irss

Above, photos from The Virgin Suicides, and a page from an old comic book. Below, the Ben Affleck crew of Good Will Hunting
ben bennedit 2Above, some trippy shit. Below, these photos of Kurt Cobain looking happy

edit 3edit4

On a slightly brighter note, this article about the best 90’s TV characters’ Halloween costumes is literally amazing.

Also, this article by one of my life inspirations, Simon Rich, for The New Yorker about the life of a condom.

The stylish and forgotten boy bands of the 90s/early 2000s. [98 Degrees, New Kids On The Block, LFO, Hanson]


Rookie’s Teen Witch bitchy yearbook photoshoot.


This video, which pretty much sums everything up:

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