Before I do this wee little room tour a few folks wanted to know how I keep my makeup and stuff organized so I’ll show ya that first.

I don’t have a lot of makeup, simply because I do not wear a lot of makeup. But I always watch makeup collection and storage videos on YouTube so I figured I’d do a little post just for fun. Also the lighting in my room was godly today so I took a few other pictures as well haha.

I don’t know if I should name the products so if you’ve got questions feel free to ask!

Here’s just a general overview of my makeup drawer. Nothing special really. I use old boxes to divide the drawer into smaller sections. They’re usually divided by eyes/face/lips/crazy makeup.

Haha so yeah that’s my general storage for my sort of puny makeup collection. I’m happy with what I have though so I’m satisfied!

Here are some random shots of my bedroom. Again, the lighting was just so bright I couldn’t resist.



Hope you enjoyed my room? Haha this is so weird.

xox Miranda

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