I’m sorry this is my last Gatsby post, I swear. I’m getting caught up in the hype. My friend Gaby posted a week or so ago about this collection and I never actually looked at it.

I assumed it was great but never thought to click over and check it out myself. The thing is, I just clicked it and I have so much regret. It’s actually the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my entire life. Some part of me wishes we still lived in a world where all the men wore seer sucker suits and slightly tilted straw hats. Hopefully this stuff gets scooped up by some stylish young gentlemen who can selectively wear it around me at all times. You know it’s good because my images were saved as omg.jpg, omgg.jpg, stahp.jpeg, and ugh.jpeg.

omg omggg stahp 1 2 3 4stop

Watch this video about the costumes from the movie and cry yourself to sleep!

Okay, this movie needs to start paying me for these posts. I’ll take some free costumes thank you.

xo Miranda

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